Teaching Tip Tuesday: Summary Jar

Even though we are nearing the end of our second “Strategy of the Month,” Marzano’s high-yield strategy of summarizing and note-taking is a very beneficial strategy to continue in your classroom throughout the entire year.  To help you to continue using summarizing strategies, create a “Summary Jar” for your classroom.  Inside the jar, put strips of paper with descriptions of different types of summarizing activities.  At the end of each class, the teacher nominates a student to draw/pick a strip of paper out of the jar.  That student may reject the choice, but then the teacher decides the summary activity for students to work on.  After the summarizing activity has been chosen, students must summarize the day’s work and learnings.

Inside the jar, you can include a variety of different ways for students to bring closure to a lesson from a “Singing Summary” to the “One Word Summary Chain,” where students compose a collaborative summary, one word at a time.

This is a fun formative assessment strategy that you could use with your students on a regular basis. 

***Emailer #3 can win his or her own summary jar!!  The third teacher (from MSB) to email me and ask for a summary jar will receive their own summary jar that is ready to go!  The jar will contain 16 fun summarizing activities.  Email me for a chance to win!

(If you aren’t a winner but want to make your own summarizing jar, click on this link for a list of activities you could use: Summary Jar Activities)


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