Top 3 for MSB

*created with Dr. Muhammad’s suggested infograph website:

As we start the year at MSB with a clear focus, I wanted to share some documents that might help with your implementation of these goals.

First, we want to clearly demonstrate to students and evaluators that we are daily implementing the components of our instructional plan at MSB.  When you hear administrators talking about your “blackboard configuration,” they want to see the following elements of your lesson clearly displayed or posted in your room (preferably on your white board):  Objectives, Essential Questions with DOK, Tier 2 Vocab Words, Do Now, and Agenda.  If you click on the link below the picture (“Blackboard Configuration”) I have further examples and photos of what this can look like in your classroom.

click here for more info: Blackboard Configuration

Secondly, we want to start using research-based, high-yield instructional strategies with literacy and vocabulary and with general instruction.  Referencing the publications and the research from Marzano and Isabel Beck, I created two menus with instructional strategies.  One is for general instruction and the other is for vocabulary.  As a building, we will focus on one of Marzano’s strategies each month.  Please use the menu (link below,) which includes activity ideas with each strategy.

click here to save a pdf of the menu: Instructional Strategies Menu

For vocabulary, we need to focus on Tier 2, cross-curricular words with our students to make an impact on their reading comprehension.  To do this, I created a Vocabulary Instructional Menu (link below,) using Isabel Beck’s Bringing Words to Life.  For more vocabulary ideas and instructional strategies, you can also use my vocabulary instruction packet (link below.)

click here to save a pdf of the menu: Menu of Vocab strats


We will also be trying to incorporate more reading and writing activities in all of our clases.  I have many reading resources on my blog, but I will also continue to be a resource and help to you throughout the year.  When you have students write in your classes, we will be using the 6 Trait rubric.  Please see the two links below with rubrics you can use.

click here for the pdf: 6traitrubric

click here for the pdf: 6plus1traits

PHEW!!! That’s a lot we need to focus on this year.  As always, let me know how I can assist you or if you have any other questions or ideas!



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