Teaching Tip Tuesday–Shaping Up Review

Today’s Teaching Tip is an adaption of a formative assessment strategy that Dr. Mills often uses with her students.

Shaping Up Review

Purpose: To engage students in synthesizing major concepts in this summary strategy

Description: Using the Shaping Up Review, students will synthesize major concepts from the lesson using four different shapes. By varying the manner in which students visually summarize their learning, retention of the information learned is increased.


• Pass out the Shaping Up Review worksheet. 

Click here for the Shaping Up review worksheet

• In the upper left-hand corner, “The Heart,” have students write one thing that they loved learning about in the lesson being reviewed.

• In the upper right-hand corner, “The Square,” have students write four things that they feel are important concepts from the lesson being reviewed. One concept should be placed in each corner.

• In the lower left-hand corner, “The Triangle,” have students write the three most important facts they learned from lesson being reviewed. One fact should go in each corner.

• In the lower right-hand corner, “The Circle,” have students write one, all-encompassing (global- like the circle) statement that summarizes all of the important concepts and facts learned in the lesson being reviewed.


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