Teaching Tip Tuesday–INSERT

INSERT (Interactive Notation System for Effective Reading and Thinking)

Ms. Strong showed me a great strategy she is using with her Literature classes to help actively engage her students in the reading.  She is very excited about it, and she said the kids are responding well to it.  She gives the students strips of paper, and they write their reactions and thoughts for each page of the book as they read.  The students keep the slips of paper inside the book on the corresponding page. To provide students with feedback, Ms. Strong writes them a note back and leaves it tucked inside their book.  What a great reading activity, Ms. Strong!!!

INSERT is a very similar strategy that is even more simplified.

 Purpose: To help students become more involved in their reading and to help them make decisions as they read and clarify their own understanding.

 Procedure: While students read, they will use post-it notes or slips of paper to place alongside the text.  On the paper, students will use a marking code to reflect their thinking. After reading, students will transfer their post-its to a graphic organizer and respond to the text in writing.


1. Give students post-it notes & write the marking codes on the board or on a handout.

2. As they read, students will place post-its alongside the text & label with a code.

3. After reading, students will transfer the post-it notes to a double-entry journal to reflect on the reading in writing.

4. As a whole class or in small groups, students can share their reactions and ideas.


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