Teaching Tip Tuesday–Tea Party!

This week’s teaching tip is a pre-reading activity that you can use as you participate in MSB’s reading challenge.  It is called Tea Party.

• Offers students an opportunity to consider parts of the text before they actually read it.  (It’s an excellent pre-reading strategy to support our struggling readers.)
• Encourages active participation with the text & gives students a chance to get up and move around the room
• Students will become familiar with the text and will practice the reading strategies of making predictions and inferences, using context clues, and comparing and contrasting.
1. Select key words, phrases, or sentences from the text and write them on index cards. Try to select half as many key words, phrases or sentences as you have students. 
2. Duplicate enough cards so that there is one card for each student.
3. Distribute one card per student
4. Have students get up and move from student to student
5. Ask them to read their card to as many classmates as possible
6. Insist that they listen to others as they read their cards
7. Ask them to discuss how these cards may be related
8. Have them speculate what these cards, collectively, might be about.
9. In small groups, have students complete a “We Think” statement. (“We think the reading is going to be about….”)
10. Ask students to share their “We Think” statements with the entire class.
11. Read the text
12. Compare the text with their predictions on the “We Think” statements.
**If you would like to learn about other research-based reading activities that you can use in your classroom, please RSVP for tomorrow’s Breakfast Study Group.  I would love to see you there!  Let me know if you have any questions!


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