Missouri School Read-In Day is Friday, March 9

Last year, Representative Kelley, wrote and passed a HB 795–Missouri School Read-In Day. The bill states, “This bill designates the second Friday in March as ‘Missouri School Read-In Day.’ The day is to be appropriately observed with activities that promote an increased awareness of the importance and benefits of reading and that encourage greater emphasis on reading in the school and in the home.”

This will be the first day to celebrate Missouri School Read-In Day! Now is the time to start planning for March 9. Here is my compilation of reading response activities any classroom could do to celebrate this great reading day:

Classroom Reading Activities

Ferguson-Florissant is encouraging all teachers to participate in this initiative by reading aloud from your favorite book for 15 minutes. Readers are encouraged to chat with students about the joys of reading.

To read more about the benefits of reading aloud in the high school classroom, click on the link below to an article from English Journal.

read aloud article

Please share your ideas of how you will celebrate Missouri Read-In Day! As always, let me know how I can help!

Kelly Fisher-Bishop
Instructional Coach
McCluer South-Berkeley High School


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